1. Brinstaar
    Russian Federation
    Moscow, Russia
  3. Dmitri Kourliandski
  4. Peter Kirn
    Berlin, Germany
  5. Ivan Yerofeyev
    Moscow, Russia
  6. Aux Field
    Tbilisi, Georgia
  7. Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki
    London, UK
  8. Logs
    Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel
  9. drojji
    Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel
  10. ITSU
    Tbilisi, Georgia
  11. Silk Saw
    Brussels, Belgium
  12. d​.​dzhincharadze
    Krasnodar, Russia
  13. Gleb Glonti
    Moscow, Russia
  14. Dmitri Børn
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  15. Vlad Dobrovolski


Kotä Москва, Russian Federation

Agency. Sound Laboratory. Imprint

The agency was formed in 2011 and is developing projects in the field of media art, sound art, and contemporary composition by doing performances and art installations, organising festivals and exhibitions worldwide.

The laboratory was launched in 2014 and is elaborating on projects that exist on the ground between sound studies, physiology, and social science.
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